Why am I being sent to the Community Accounts Gateway?

Welcome! The Community Accounts Sponsorship Team was built to serve the local businesses, small nonprofits and community events that put the “public” in public media. Our “One Size Fits Small” philosophy delivers maximum impact for a minimal investment, exclusively for those with limited budgets. We provide you with schedules that work, discounted rates, and streamlined service.

Am I able to see rates and packages before identifying my budget?

Approximating your budget by using our slider tool will ensure we best meet your needs. Once this step is complete, we will provide effective options in your range.

What happens if my budget is too low?

For Community Accounts, we have created schedules that deliver the maximum impact for a minimal investment. Schedules with fewer messages won’t deliver the audience or repetition to serve you well. If your budget does not meet the minimum requirements for an effective schedule, we invite you to opt-in for our monthly Campground newsletter. It provides low- and no-cost marketing tips as well as occasional special offers that may be in line with your budget.

What happens if my budget is too high?

The Community Accounts Gateway is designed exclusively for local businesses, small nonprofits and community events with limited budgets below a pre-determined annual threshold. Higher budgets require more individualized attention, so we will have an Account Manager at our station follow up to discuss your marketing needs.

How do I add digital marketing to my campaign?

Due to limited available inventory for streaming, banner ads and email insertions, those items are not available to Community Accounts. We hope this will change in the future as we expand our Gateway capabilities.

Do you have discounts for nonprofits?

Community Accounts schedules are already discounted!

How are my messages scheduled?

All schedules are evenly distributed among popular morning and afternoon drive-time segments, as well as middays, evenings and weekends, including favorite NPR programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Fresh Air.

Why do you have only one-week schedules?

Our seven-day campaigns are based on successful schedules from thousands of Community Accounts nationwide. They are designed to deliver at least one of every three listeners in a given week, so your message will be heard and remembered.

I’d like to stretch out a campaign over several weeks. How do I do that?

Our schedules are built in one-week increments, and you can buy multiple weeks.

Can I hear my message before it airs?

Your Community Accounts Specialist will email your first day of spot-times so you can tune in to hear your message on your favorite station.

How do I craft a message that works?

Don’t worry! Using the information you provide through the Creative form on this site, our Community Accounts experts will create a message that conveys your goals and meets with station approval. Once you receive your message, you will have one opportunity to approve the draft or revise, if necessary. Please refer to our Community Accounts GPS - Guidelines and Practices for Sponsors to learn more.

Do I have to pay when I submit?

You’ll receive a confirmation upon submitting your campaign, but your card won’t be charged until you approve the copy. We’ll let you know when your copy is ready to review. This process usually takes three business days. If you cannot pay by credit card, please contact your friendly Community Accounts Specialist.

I think my event would be a great fit for your station to cover! Where do I send my press release? Does publicity come with my campaign?

Your campaign does not include editorial coverage. Please contact the newsroom.

I like working with a person instead of an automated system. Can I still work directly with a human?

Our Community Accounts Gateway was designed to simplify the process of booking a campaign and creating a message. Stacy Bertinelli, your Community Accounts Specialist, is available during normal business hours, and if you have questions, you may reach out to her via phone at 872-264-7177 or email communitychi@marketenginuity.com.

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If you have additional questions, please get in touch with the Community Accounts Team.